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Roof walkaways mat.- Model 03860. Available in 10 metre rolls with different width options. Designed with a diamond-cut pattern, has cross directional top ribs, which ensure a firm grip underfoot and a non-slip mat, making it ideal as a flat roof protection mat. In addition, made from non-porous, flexible PVC, contours to any uneven surface, including roof structure and walkaways, where remains stable, withstanding winds up to 86 km/h.


 Furthermore, thought to be loose laid, with no fixing tools required. It is a safe and long-lasting solution, not only as a roof mat, but as an industrial mat as well. Due to its cross directional top ribs, assure an anti slip mat for heavy traffic and protects the floor from any potential damage, like dropped tools. That is why it is the best choice for industry, food companies, health, etc.


This floor is made of PVC and is very comfortable to walk on, reducing fatigue. Likewise, this mat is UV resistant and can be installed in both, outdoors and indoors. Assembly is very easy, loose lay, therefore, does not need technical knowledge, as it does not require anchoring or fixings tools. On the other hand, maintenance is very practical as it is highly resistant to all types of detergents, chlorine or acids. Finally, the two-layer grid assures perfect drainage, making this mat suitable, for wet areas or areas in direct contact with water.


This mat comes with a 5-year guarantee.


Have a look to our complete range of matting and tiles. However, if you prefer, you can contact us for customisation options.

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Sold in rolls Yes

Colours Yellow White Grey Black

Features Drainage/Drilled Electrical Isolation

Temperature -23ºC up to more than +60ºC

Resistance: Acid, grease and humidity

Applications areas Industry Food Industry Marine and Nautical Cold Rooms

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Ref Product Width Depth Height EmpaquetadoPackaging
03860 CROSSGRIP (10X0,60m) 1000X600X14h mm 460X460X640h mm
03890 CROSSGRIP (10X0,90m) 1000X900X14h mm 460X460X940h mm