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Anti-slip polyethylene EVA roll-up tile - Model 01033. Individual tiles measuring 33x33 cm and 15 mm thick. Furthermore, carefully designed to offer a safe and efficient floor covering solution ideal for bare foot, thanks to its formula with antibacterial and anti-fungal additives, even more, with ultraviolet stabilisers. In addition, it is very flexible and adaptable to any surface as well as resistant. Therefore, it is perfect for changing rooms, hotels, nautical and sports clubs, swimming pools or surfaces where roll-up matting is best option for covering large floor areas.

The installation of this mat is very simple and does not require technical knowledge, as each tile has a self-locking system, which, once assembled, allows us to easily roll up the whole floor if we have to remove it or change its location. On the other hand, maintenance is very practical as it is highly resistant to all types of detergents, chlorine and acids. Likewise, its smooth surface without edges avoids the accumulation of dirt, which makes daily cleaning easier. The anti-slip and drainage relief makes this tile suitable for wet areas or areas in direct contact with water.

This tile has a 3-year guarantee.

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Material Polietileno EVA

Packaging unit 27 losetas (3 m2)

Colours Light blue Ocean blue Grey

Features Barefoot Drainage/Drilled Anti-fatigue Electrical Isolation

UV treatment: Yes

Applications areas Communities Leisure

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Ref Product Width Depth Height EmpaquetadoPackaging
01033 Floor Tile 333X333X15h mm 333X333X15h mm 360X360X410h mm