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PVC Plastic Cleaning Closet - ARM CLEAN model. Multipurpose cabinet designed with 2 doors with handles and with vents to allow proper interior ventilation. Although specially created for cleaning products, its versatility makes this cabinet a perfect solution for storing tools and other utensils. Its dimensions make it perfect for maintenance rooms, warehouses, janitors or small workshops.

It is made of PVC plastic, with 18mm thick walls and doors. The fittings are of high quality and rust resistant. Its hygienic and odourless surface is also waterproof and antibacterial. Furthermore, its daily use is very practical as it is highly resistant to all types of detergents, and its cleaning is a very easy due to its smooth surface. Adapted for indoor and outdoor areas, indicated for humid environments as well.

Due to its interior design divided into two sections, makes it very useful and practical for everyday work. The left side has a shelf at the top and a bar for hanging work clothes or uniforms. In addition, its height is ideal for storing brooms and any type of mop. The right side designed with three shelves at different heights to store any cleaning products, cloths and buckets. Furthermore, the upper and lower shelves can be located at different heights to suit your storage needs.

This cleaning closet has a 5-year warranty.

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Material Resinas Termoplásticas alta calidad (PVC)

Door Colours White

Profile Colours Blue Red Grey Green Yellow

Temperature -40ºC up to more than +80ºC

Surface: Smooth

Resistance: Acid, grease and humidity

UV treatment: Yes

Stainless steel: Yes

Rounded edges: Yes

Applications areas Communities Hospitality-Horeca Industry Food Industry Laboratories Leisure

Reference list of this product

Ref Product Width Depth Height
ARM CLEAN Clean Cabinet 300+400mm 720 x 470 x 1880