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Platform manufactured in PVC. Product in different sizes to adapt to the space and needs of each client. Isolates any stored product from direct contact with the ground and, at the same time, protects from moisture and dirt. Therefore, it is ideal for keeping everything perfectly stored and in order in cold rooms, hospitality, laboratories, food industry warehouses, sports clubs, and the like…


It is made entirely of plastic PVC resin with individually removable and replaceable parts. Furthermore, it does not have metal fittings so it is 100% resistant to rust, being perfect for humid environments or in direct contact with water. In addition, its structure with spaced bars and a non-porous surface eliminates the possibility of rust, mould, while helping water drainage. Therefore, it allows perfect aeration, specially, in cold rooms, maintaining the items stored dry and cold. Due to security issues, it is provided with legs to avoid direct contact with the floor. Finally, as it is waterproof and antibacterial, it is easy to clean, only necessary to wipe with a damp cloth for removing dirt as it is highly resistant to all types of cleaning products.


This platform has a 5-year warranty.


Have a look at our shelving system complete range. If you prefer, you can contact us to consult customization options.

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Load Resistance 400 kgs / metro lineal (100 kgs por estante).

Material Resinas Termoplásticas alta calidad (PVC)

Slats colours White Grey Blue

Caps Black Blue Brown

Accesories Patas regulables y ruedas

Temperature -40ºC up to more than +80ºC

Surface: Smooth

Resistance: Acid, grease and humidity

UV treatment: Yes

Stainless steel: Yes

Rounded edges: Yes

Applications areas Cold Rooms Communities Hospitality-Horeca Industry Food Industry Laboratories Leisure

Reference list of this product

Plataforma Elevada 1M
Ref Product Width Depth Height EmpaquetadoPackaging
PEA400 PLATFORM 1m - 400mm 1000 x 400 x 165 1050X200X165h mm
PEA500 PLATFORM 1m - 500mm 1000 x 500 x 165 1050X200X165h mm
PEA600 PLATFORM 1m - 600mm 1000 x 600 x 165 1050X200X165h mm
Plataforma Elevada 1,5M
Ref Product Width Depth Height EmpaquetadoPackaging
PEC400 PLATFORM 1,5m - 400mm 1500 x 400 x 165 1550X200X165h mm
PEC500 PLATFORM 1,5m - 500mm 1500 x 500 x 165 1550X200X165h mm
PEC600 PLATFORM 1,5m - 600mm 1500 x 600 x 165 1550X200X165h mm
Plataforma Elevada 2M
Ref Product Width Depth Height EmpaquetadoPackaging
PED400 PLATFORM 2m - 400mm 2000 x 400 x 165 2050X200X165h mm
PED500 PLATFORM 2m - 500mm 2000 x 500 x 165 2050X200X165h mm
PED600 PLATFORM 2m - 600mm 2000 x 600 x 165 2050X200X165h mm