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Sloping roof for lockers 300mm width series. Accessory for lockers available in different dimensions depending on the number of rows of the locker chosen. - Model 901111/30 300 mm width. This accessory is perfect for lockers placed in facilities with specific hygiene requirements, as the sloping roof does not allow storage on top of the locker, avoiding dirt. Ideal for gym changing rooms, hospitality, food industry, schools, and the like…


Made of PVC with 18mm thickness panels. The Hygienic, non-porous surface is also waterproof, antibacterial and rust resistant Round edges to prevent accidents, complying with all the standards of COVID19 regulations. Cleaning is very practical thanks to its smooth surface, only necessary wiping with a damp cloth. In addition, it offers great resistance to all types of cleaning products. Perfect performance in both indoor and outdoor areas.


This sloping roof has a 5-year warranty.


Have a look at our complete PVC locker series. If you prefer, you can contact us to consult customization options.

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Material Resinas Termoplásticas alta calidad (PVC)

Temperature -40ºC up to more than +80ºC

Surface: Smooth

Resistance: Acid, grease and humidity

UV treatment: Yes

Stainless steel: Yes

Rounded edges: Yes

Applications areas Communities Hospitality-Horeca Industry Food Industry Laboratories Leisure

Reference list of this product

Ref Product Width Depth Height
901111/30 Sloping roof for 300mm width lockers 1 Modul 323 x 470 x 185
901112/30 Sloping roof for 300mm width lockers 2 Modules 628 x 470 x 185
901113/30 Sloping roof for 300mm width lockers 3 Modules 933 x 470 x 185
901114/30 Sloping roof for 300mm width lockers 4 Modules 1238 x 470 x 185