The nautical and marine sector, being in direct contact with water and exposed to the corrosion of the sun and saltpetre, is very demanding with the quality of their equipment. Therefore, In Decoplastic, we offer the best solution for the nautical industry. Thanks to our wide range of mats, HERONRIB, FLOORLINE, PILLOMAT, VYNAGRIP and HERONAIR you can have surface protection, even in irregular surfaces, due to its flexible construction, with effective drainage, which prevent water stagnation and help air circulation. In addition, our mats offer great grip in extreme environments.

All in all, they are a safe and easy-to-install alternative that also allows the daily disinfection with no wear and tear. All of this makes them the best choice for yacht clubs, boats, docks, etc. Finally, we also offer a storage solution for boats with our racks with front bars that prevent load displacements caused by waves.

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