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Industrial vinyl flooring - Model FXL100X25. Available in 25 metre long rolls to cover large areas. Fine ribbed matting, specially designed for use beside, or on work industrial  areas. Thanks to its high density, it significantly reduces impact of any noise, generated from industrial machinery, offering a pleasant acoustic environment for workers. In addition, the narrow ribs protect workers from possible slipping, while providing a soft texture when walking on. Furthermore, it is a lighter weight alternative to conventional rubber runners, therefore, provides a safe and very comfortable solution for factories, industry and warehouses.


It is made of 100% non-porous PVC and has a very flexible structure that contours to all types of surfaces. Even more, installation is very easy and does not require technical knowledge, it is enough to roll out the mat and cut to fit on site. In addition, maintenance is very practical, as it is highly resistant to drill oil, grease, oils, acids and most chemical products used in the industry. So, when cleaning just lift or roll and use a vacuum or mop, without the need of special tools.


This flooring comes with a 1-year guarantee.


Have a look at our fleximats range and the rest of matting and tiles, however, if you prefer, you can consult us for customisation options

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Colours Grey Black Red


Temperature -23ºC up to more than +60ºC

Applications areas Industry Food Industry Communities

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Ref Product Width Depth Height
FXL100X25 FLEXI-LINE (25x1m) 2500X100X2h mm