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Wide grid industrial mat - Model 032060T. Available in 10 metre rolls with different width options and with a yellow edge, marking pattern, available, making it very versatile and useful for environments where space needs to be marked. Likewise, designed for industrial work environments in direct contact with grease or oil. In addition, its special wide grid improves safety, having a very effective drainage system, making it ideal for railway maintenance areas, construction sites and processing plants.


It is made of non-porous PVC plastic with a two-layer construction, flexible and comfortable to walk on. It contours all types of uneven surfaces, therefore, suitable for both, outdoors and indoors. In addition, maintenance is very practical as it is highly resistant to all types of detergents, chlorine or acids, therefore, its daily disinfection is easy, without suffering wear and tear, just using a high pressure hose. Likewise, its diamond tread pattern offers traction underfoot and anti-slip properties with an effective drainage.


This mat comes with a 3- year guarantee.


Have a look to our complete range of matting and tiles. However, if you prefer, you can contact us for customisation options.

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Sold in rolls Yes

Colours Black Black and yellow

Features Drainage/Drilled Anti-fatigue Electrical Isolation

Temperature -23ºC up to more than +60ºC

Resistance: Acid, grease and humidity

Applications areas Industry Food Industry Cold Rooms

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Ref Product Width Depth Height EmpaquetadoPackaging
032060T TRACKGRIP (10X0,60m) 1000X600X15h mm 460X460X620h mm
032090T TRACKGRIP (10X0,90m) 1000X900X15h mm 460X460X930h mm
032122T TRACKGRIP (10X1,22m) 1000X1220X15h mm 460X460X1240h mm