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Open grid plastic decking tile. Linear polyethylene open insulation flooring - Model 01025. It is composed of individual tiles measuring 50x50 cm, with two different thickness, 25 mm and 55mm. Furthermore, carefully designed to offer a safe and efficient anti-fatigue floor. In addition, its 121 support points make it a very resistant floor and its surface with anti-slip etching is suitable for wet areas, or areas in direct contact with water, as the lower tunnels are larger than the upper holes for assuring a perfect drainage. Therefore, it is ideal for raised working surfaces in industry, hotels and restaurants, nautical and sports clubs, and the like…

The installation of this floor is very simple and does not require any technical knowledge as each tile has a self-jointing system with no joining accessories, using dovetail that joins the pieces together to form a uniform tapestry. On the other hand, maintenance is very practical as it is highly resistant to all types of detergents, chlorine and acids. It is also resistant to UV rays, which makes it equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

This tile has a 3-year guarantee.

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Material Polietileno Lineal

Colours White Grey Red brown

Features Barefoot Drainage/Drilled Anti-fatigue Electrical Isolation

Temperature -60ºC up to more than +70ºC

Resistance: Acid, grease and humidity

UV treatment: Yes

Applications areas Cold Rooms Hospitality-Horeca Industry Food Industry Laboratories

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Ref Product Width Depth Height EmpaquetadoPackaging
01025 TARIMA 500X500X25h mm ABIERTA 500X500X25h mm 560X560X380h mm
01055 TARIMA 500X500X55h mm ABIERTA 500X500X55h mm 560X560X380h mm