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Heat resistant anti fatigue industrial matting - Model SPS R-18. Available in 10 m length rolls to cover large areas, and in standard modules with edging in all 4 sides, as well. Thanks to its design that repels heat and protects against sparks and hot metal shards, it is especially suitable for welding stations, assembly areas or where there is heat generating equipment used. In addition, the soft foam base density offers cushioning underfoot and reduces standing fatigue, boosting productivity. Furthermore, discreet and lightweight, offers good anti-slip response, reduces noise and protects objects that may accidentally fall on the floor.


Furthermore, made with a super-cushioned foam rubber base and a top rubber layer. Despite its density, with very flexible structure contours easily to all types of surfaces. Installation is very quick and does not require technical knowledge, just roll out the mat and cut to the desired size. In addition, thanks to its lightness, easy to carry and move from one place to another according the needs required. Likewise, maintenance is very practical, when cleaning just use a vacuum or mop, without the need of special tools..


This floor comes with a 2-year guarantee.


Have a look of our anti-fatigue range and the rest of matting we can offer, however, if you prefer, you can contact us for customisation options.

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Colours Black

Features Anti-fatigue

Temperature -23ºC up to more than +60ºC

Applications areas Industry Food Industry

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Ref Product Width Depth Height
SPS R-18 SPARK SAFE (18x0,91m) 1800X91X10h mm